Work of Discipleship | Discipleship Series 3/6

Becoming a disciple of Jesus doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes dedication, a willingness to change, and a lot of courage. Discipleship is about being transformed into Jesus… That is no easy task.

In the Gospels, Jesus frequently calls believers to become disciples. Many of them say “no” because they are afraid of what it costs. The best examples of this may be from the story of The Rich Young Man in Mark 10:17-31. The young man asks Jesus what he needs to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus says to him that he needs to go and sell all that he has and follow him. Following Jesus is the essential component of discipleship and being all in is the precondition.

Absolutely, discipleship is a hard thing that takes a lot of work. However, the work that we do is not the core thing. The work is actually a RESPONSE to God’s radical love for us. When we receive love from another person, our natural response is to receive it with joy then to give back in return. This is no different in our relationship with God.

God has given us everything. Heaven is bankrupt. There is nothing left that God could give us. In order to receive his love in its fullest way, we must give of ourselves in return. It starts with an openness to his love and leads to giving everything that we possibly can.

jesus knocking
Jesus Knocking

God never forces himself onto us. He waits for our free response. It is like the image depicted below. God is always knocking on the door of our hearts. The thing is… The doorknob is only on the inside. Each person individually has to make that choice. Will you open the door of your heart?

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